Burnin Rubber Cartapult

The game Burnin Rubber Cartapult is a real car madness! You will start the car with a special catapult to blow them up and cause maximum damage in a residential city. The game is suitable for those who like crazy games with hot explosions and outrages!

So, it's time to get rid of a few old cars right now! At the beginning of the game you have only a few cars that you can run. To do this, choose the direction and force of the launch. Launched catapuklto cars should fall and explode in a place where there is more urban cars. The more cars you manage to blow up in the city, the more points you get. Each time you have to play again and again, repeating the launches of those same machines, but during the game you will be pumping a level, which means you can unlock new cars and get more barrels with combustible mixture for maximum destruction of the city!

Launch each of the cars in different parts of the city and watch how they explode and destroy all nearby objects, including not only city cars, but also huge buildings! The more destruction, the more money and experience, and of course various bonuses to boot!

During the game, you can unlock such cars as:supercar, truck, police car, tractor, and even a tank. Each new car will explode more powerful than the previous one and it is very cool! Charge more explosive barrels on each machine before each launch and produce a whole mass of explosions of the entire city at the same time. Can you destroy the whole city and shoot down a flying airship? Let's play and see!