There is nothing more exciting than competing with close friends in a video game. There are all kinds of unique, intense matches in our two-player games. Choose your favorite activity and fight in arenas all over the world! You and your friend can fight and compete to achieve high scores on the leaderboard. Each game is created for two people to play on the same computer. Invite your best friend and see what he can do to win!

2-player games are suitable for anyone you can imagine. You and a sports-loving friend can face one-on-one football matches, air hockey, bowling, and basketball. Try billiard games for a total skill game. Our collection also includes traditional board games such as checkers and chess. Choose your own fun, each adventure has simple, easy-to-learn controls. Share the keyboard with your friend and win each race right away! If one of you fails, you can press their buttons to sabotage!

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