Eddie Adventure

Guys, today you are waiting for an amazing adventure with a funny troll named Eddie. This guy does not like boredom and gloom, and to escape from the gray days, Eddie goes to the magic forest. Rumor has it that countless treasures are stored there, and those who find them will become fabulously rich. Upon learning of this, Eddie immediately set off. Do you want to keep him company? Then welcome to the Eddy Adventure game. Around you will be not only beautiful nature and fabulous landscapes, but also many enemies. Beware of formidable boars, snakes in the trees, snails, walking bombs and other unpleasant people. To destroy them you need to jump on the head of the enemy or find a pepper that will reward you with the ability to shoot. Also, in the game you will encounter items that can be picked up and thrown at enemies. On the way, collect gold coins and break boxes with a question mark. There may be gold, a secret staircase from plants, or candy, which will help Eddie grow. Ahead of you are dizzying adventures! Enjoy the game and good luck!