The main characters of the games are the spirits of the elements - the watergirl and fireboy. Together they have to go through many levels and challenges that will lead them to victory. In order to go through all the tasks they need to work together, because apart from the little spirits nothing happens. Victory is attainable only if they use their strength together. Games such as Fire and Water will teach players to act together and this will lead them to achieve a common goal. The games of this genre are best played together. For example, one player will play for watergirl, and the second for the Fireboy. Each of the two characters has its own special skills and weaknesses. For example, a girl Water can easily pass through reservoirs, but meeting with fire will be disastrous for her. Also, the situation with the boy. The fire can calmly pass through the fiery pits, but the water for him promises certain death. In the fireboy and watergirl section we collected all the most interesting and popular games in this series. Here, you can visit many ancient temples with their mysteries and secrets. You can visit the Forest Temple, the Bright Temple, the Ice Temple and the Crystal Temple. In each of them, you must demonstrate the wonders of dexterity, acumen and agility.