Play Bullet Force Game

Here, you can play with people who are in different parts of the world. Also, you can choose one of the five parts of the world: America, Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia. Then you will have the opportunity to choose a match on a particular map. Your soldier will have the opportunity to visit one of several game cards. It can be ruins, forest, urban jungle, office, city park and even a prison. The game differs from other shooters in the purchase of weapons and extensions for them (lasers, masking, and more). You even have the opportunity to make your player unique with the help of such super features as: fast running, fast recovery, more life and others. Also, the list shows the number of players who play on a particular card. So, the choice is made and you can begin the struggle for survival. You will play in first person mode. In the left corner is a map where you can see the location of the enemy. Look back and do not let them shoot you. For each game, you will receive bonus points and money. Money can be spent on powerful new weapons, but points can be spent on additional bonuses in the "perks" menu. Are you ready for fierce battles and a deadly game with fate? Then, go ahead!