Play Cut the Rope: Magic Game

Om Nom's amazing adventures continue! Welcome to the game  Cut the Rope: Magic. Together with a funny green geezer you are magical journeys, where our little sweet tooth will hunt candy again. Candy is the most favorite treat of Om Nom and he is ready for anything for a sweet multi-colored candy. But to get it you have to work hard and use your logic and cleverness. At each level, a candy will be tied and in order to feed Om Nom you need to cut the ropes correctly. Also, you need to do this in order to collect the golden stars. Everything seems to be the same as in other games with the participation of our dear friend, but there is a small surprise. In this game, Am Yum will be endowed with magical powers. Now he can turn into a charming baby bird that can fly. Are you ready to go to the world of magic and sorcery? Enjoy the game and good luck!