Play Mine Blocks Game

In which you survive due to the fact that they themselves are mining. Your main task is to survive. The second task is to make the most comfortable conditions for living. Let's start the game with the fact that we need resources for survival. At first, we chop, we mine, we look for all that is possible. First of all a tree. After all, you can make the first pickaxe from a tree and then start mining coal, iron ore and more. We will need all this in the future: coal for the furnace, iron for armor and pickaxe, axes. In general, in this game, each resource takes an important role. No less important are plants, seeds and animals. All this is food. Seeds planted - got wheat. He killed a pig - got meat, put it in the oven and then you can eat. The game is generally very exciting and if you have already started to play, then it is very difficult to stop. Also important is a house that will protect you at night from zombies, skleta and spiders. The house must be built, because you will not live without protection for a long time. And then there is a weapon, protective clothing and everything else. More information on the beginning of development can be found in the game itself, the item "Instructions". There are all the initial craft that will help you in development. Good game.