Play Stickjet Challenge Game

Our good old friend Stikman does not change his preferences and this time he is ready for a new portion of adrenaline! He already put on a jetpack and goes on a crazy trip, and you will make him a company. Ahead you will find sixty levels, where you have to demonstrate your dexterity and courage. After all, not everyone has the strength to overcome such a number of traps and at the same time deftly soar in the sky on a jetpack.

At each level there are three golden stars. If you manage to collect them all, then the level will be passed one hundred percent. Some levels will be very difficult to pass because of insidious and dangerous traps. But there is always a way out! The game has control points for saving, where you will return after death and continue your flight. Deftly maneuver between sharp objects, avoid the red lines and go forward to the victory. Enjoy the game and good luck!