Play The Floor is Lava! Game

Imagine that the floor and all that is on it is a blazing lava! Intriguing, is not it? In the game The Floor is Lava!, we invite you to show us your skill. Your character will be a boy who came up with entertainment for himself, imagining that the floor is lava and you need to do everything to survive and not fall into the boiling magma. It will be incredibly cool! This side-scrolling game will require patience, agility and quick reaction from you. Sex will not always be like lava. At a time when the floor is a rug and wooden floor, you can run on it without the slightest concern, but when you hear the cherished exclamations of lava, then quickly retreat to the bedside tables, cabinets or chairs, so as not to please the burning mass. During the game you need to collect not only gold coins, but also various bonuses in the form of rockets, balloons and other things. Are you ready to proceed? Then, go ahead!