Headless Zombie 2

Game Headless Zombie 2. He lived in the light of a successful man named Karl. He had a lot of money, was kind and beautiful. One day he was seen by an evil wizard and cast a spell to take away all his wealth. However, the spell was erroneous and Karl instead of dying, turned into a zombie. Now you need to help a good zombie named Karl to go through a difficult path to become a human again. On this way he will have to overcome many obstacles. There are only 20 levels in the game and each of them carries a lot of difficulties, riddles, labyrinths, dangers and other things. Karl has one peculiarity, he can lift his head from his shoulders and even throw it away. This technique will enable him to more easily cope with obstacles, toggle switches, and even jump on his head. Play the game and help this zombie collect more coins and metal parts to exchange them for a new human body.