Incursion 2 The Artifact

After the dark forces were defeated, the remaining evil rose up. Before the king and his warriors is a new building - to continue the fight! The goal remains the same - to protect your kingdom from the invasion of orcs, sorcerers, skeletons and other evil spirits. Block the path to your castle so that the dark side units cannot pass. Train your defenders and place them along the path at strategic points. Click on the barracks and select the defenders whom you want to train. You can hire three types of advocates in each barrack. Marines - the main warriors, may not be too strong, but are able to block and attack your enemies. Archers - originally conceived for air defense. Healers - slow down the approach to the main goal of the enemy soldiers, slowing down the speed of attack and the speed of movement. You can control the speed of the game, using the time management buttons, as well as start a wave of attack of enemies ahead of time. Control your army. When the game starts you need to move your warriors to the places where they will be most useful at the moment. Click the mouse first on the detachment of defenders, then in the place in which you want to regroup them. After setting the right defense, try to hold positions and don't give up. Level up your heroes, improve the characteristics of all types of warriors and learn new abilities. Good luck!