Jailbreak Rush

Stop playing for good people who are trying to justify themselves before people and honestly vyti from prison, in the end they also become criminals, and it does not matter that they were convicted on false charges, escape from prison is always a violation of the law. This time we will side with the real gangster, who will not rashly go at random. The gangster has only 14 days left before the execution of the sentence, and the decision he was given the toughest - the death penalty, that is, execution. He must have time, he has everything for this and he will definitely have time. The gangster will precisely and insidiously think over the entire escape plan. Before he escapes, he will prepare a map, prepare all the tools needed for escape, this is of course a hammer and a drill, and will slowly but surely drill a hole in the wall on which a large poster hangs. After that, he will switch his drill to punch mode and begin to break and crush the remnants of the wall. Such is his plan, it remains only to bring it to life, and this is what we are going to do now.