Mad Truck Challenge

Mad Truck Challange is a new monster truck game in which you have to become a monster truck driver. Compete with other monster truck drivers on hard and long tracks. Accelerate high speed, destroy opponents by chasing and hitting them from behind, jump up and perform various tricks. The game consists of 4 locations: Egypt, Pompeii, Antarctica and Transylvania. Each location contains 9 levels in which you must win. In each level, you will be assigned a specific task, for example - finish first and destroy 5 opponents. After completing the assigned task you will pass the level and open the next one. As you go, the level will become available to you a new truck. Press on the gas and rush forward. Pick up cylinders with nitro, rockets and first aid kits. Use nitro acceleration to catch up or outrun rivals. Use rockets to destroy your rivals' trucks. Be ruthless to your rivals and do not let them get ahead. You can spend the money on improving your truck and turn it into a real monster! Upgrade your engine, nitro, armor, wheels, rockets and suspension to make the truck fast, strong and dangerous. Buy unique abilities and stickers. Do not forget to replenish the supply of fuel to be able to proceed to new levels. Squeeze the maximum out of your truck to climb to the top of glory and become a winner in the monster truck championship!

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