Moto Trials Industrial

We present you an exciting continuation of the cult game series Moto Trials Industrial, where you can once again test and improve your bike riding skills. Everyone who loves motorcycles, just dreamed of riding in an abandoned area, where a person’s foot hadn’t gone for a long time. In the game Moto Tests:Desolation, you can satisfy all these desires, plenty of rolling on the empty wasteland with many obstacles and deadly traps.

Get ready to take a ride on twenty different abandoned wastelands and at the same time survive, show everyone your skills as a professional extreme racer. Try to keep the balance, accelerate and slow down at the right time, think over your actions in advance. But know that some springboards hide danger in themselves, they can move and throw your bike high in the air, be prepared for such a turn of events. In the game you have a large selection of bikes:motocross and racing bikes, as well as quad bikes. Each of them has its own indicators of speed and stability, because sometimes you should pass the levels on different bikes, most suitable for the conditions of the track. If the level seems too easy to you, try to go through it performing cool tricks as you play. Remember that the outcome of the trip depends on you!