Ninja Kid Vs Zombies

Welcome to the world of valiant samurai and brave ninjas. Today we will go on a dangerous journey, which promises big earnings by our character or certain death. Are you ready to take that risk? Then welcome to the new Ninja Kid Vs Zombies game. Before you start you need to choose one of the three main characters: a brave samurai, a clever ninja boy or a dangerous ninja girl. As soon as the choice is made, you will be able to go to the territory, which was captured by zombies.

Now the living dead roam the town and frighten the locals. You need to eliminate the zombies and return peace to the disturbed life of the inhabitants. To kill a zombie you just need to hack him with a sword, jump on his head, or use soybean special magic power. Explore the territory, collect gold coins, destroy boxes, blow up barrels and destroy all the zombies. Enjoy the game and good luck!