Olli Mania's Olli Ball

Welcome to the game Olli Mania's Olli Ball. Here you will find the wonderful world of little elephant Olli. This cute round elephant is known to us from western books and a series of toys. Today he will make an exciting flight into the clouds in search of rubber ducks. The first thing you need to run the elephant with the help of two jumps. Try to choose the right flight path and force of the throw. When Ollie takes off, try to collect not only rubber ducks, but also various bonuses in the form of paper airplanes, balloons, and so on. Your main goal of the game is to jump the maximum distance. Here you will find three incredible worlds. First, you will find yourself in the jungle. To open access to new worlds, you should fly a certain distance and then Ollie will be able to conquer new spaces. After each flight, the number of ducks will be calculated. You can spend them on new bonuses or a new fun outfit for an elephant. Have a nice game!

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