Pac Xon PLAY. Pacxon game is realized on 2007. It consist of many levels, this game is one of the most popular games nowadays and it is initiated by the famous Pac Man. Generally, it is combination of two older Games Pacman and Xonix. Interesting fact is that Pacxon game is played with arrow keys and you need moving and filling the empty space to capture ghost. We want to introduce to you new version wich is unlockes many possibilities. The essence of the Pacxon Unblocked game is that you need working with some closed surface and trying to construct small wooden or another boards to make smaller space. If you want to pass on second level you need to extend over a small percent of surface. Easier way to do it is by changing place of clear area. Only you can triumph on the next level. If you fill the 85% of surface. It is not easy at the beginning but in every game the patient is very important.