Shooting Games are created mainly for boys who love realistic games with a bunch of weapons. Suddenly wanted to properly shoot? No problems! This section contains the brightest and coolest online shooter games, among which are both multiplayer first-person shooters and passing games. In these games, a lot of different weapons are waiting for their brave heroes. Guns, machine guns, bazookas, crossbows, rifles and grenades, pistols and machine guns, and also, a fantastic battle arsenal is already loaded and ready for action! You will be able to play the role of famous comic book heroes, professional action films, armed soldiers and even famous heroes from Minecraft. You are waiting for fierce firefights with other players, as well as exciting combat missions to rescue the survivors, tasks for secret agents and so on. You can play the role of sniper, base defender, secret killer or the last survivor. Fight against zombies to stop the end of the world. Play as a spy who must get to a secret base. Fight on the side of special forces against the whole group of terrorists! In general, you are waiting for hot battles, which can not do without weapons and ammunition. Want to learn to shoot well and accurately? Then, quickly start playing Shooting Games!