One of the most unusual and interesting game genres are simulators. With the advent of simulation games, every boy or girl will be able to try themselves in a wide variety of roles. Just by clicking the mouse, you will find yourself behind the wheel of a truck and turn into an experienced driver, or you can simulate the daily life of different animals. Simulators can be of various types: sports, military, economic and others. This list can be continued for a very long time, but it is better to get comfortable in front of a computer and immerse yourself in a new, hitherto unknown world. It is in these games that you can try everything that you have never tried to do in the real world before. You can become a cool driver in driving simulators, test your pilot skills and drive an airplane or turn into a wild animal and see the world through his eyes. Do you want to drive a powerful motorcycle or feel like a real doctor? No problems! For fans of the sports field, we also have in store a few fascinating simulators, where players can build strong muscles and get the body of their dreams, or just drive on a skateboard. Try yourself in a new role or just have fun with the funniest simulators!