Sonic Boom

Here you just do not have time to get bored, because the life of the legendary hero is full of adventures and incredible events. In the game Sonic Boom you will get acquainted not only with the blue hedgehog, but also with his friends and colleagues. Here you are waited by the whole company of children, namely: beauty Amy, red echidna Niles, two-tailed fox Tails and a badger girl named Styx. Are you ready to start the most interesting logic game? Then, we begin. Before you will be a small field. Initially, you can think that this game is similar to the mega game Tetris that was popular at the time. And we agree with you. But here you will find a few surprises. Triple blocks of balls with the image of the heroes of the game and various details will fall on the playing field from above. Every detail represents your hero. For example, the hammer is a detail of Amy's pink hedgehog, because it is the hammer that is her weapon in the cartoon. A nut is a detail of Tails, a fist is Niles, a boomerang is Styx, and a ring is Sonic. You need to stack all the blocks so as to combine the parts and their owners. That's when they will disappear. Your task is to prevent the blocks from accumulating so much that they reach the top of the playing field. Also, you will find a little help. When you accumulate a few details of a particular character, you can remove them from the field with the key. Have a nice game!

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